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Restoration work on Taz-Zejt chapel in Gharb well underway

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Restoration work on Taz-Zejt chapel in Gharb well underwayThe Chapel of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth, in St Peter Street, Gharb, known locally as Taz-Zejt is currently undergoing a major restoration.

The chapel, which was built in 1679 was once the old Parish Church of the locality.

It is known as Taz-Zejt because of a legend saying that an old woman was once cured after she had spread some of the oil over her body that at one time oozed from the of church walls.

Baron Contracts started the restoration work earlier in the year, removing the old plaster and rendering, changing stones that were eroded and cleaning the remaining ones.

The company said that work on the belfry is now at an advanced stage, with the marjority of the stone decorations replaced as most were completely worn. The magnificent statue of St Paul which stands on the upper part of the Belfry is also being restored to its former glory.

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    1. fr. alex cauchi says:

      I would like to inform you that the old parish church known as Taz-Zejt or t´isfel (down town) is not the cemetrey chapel.

      The cemetry has another chapel beside to the church of the visitation where there is a part of the wall seen in the photo above, under the scafolding.

      Congratiolations for the restoration. It will be interesting if the old wall will be built as it was before where the legends says Oil and then water came out! Thanks.

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