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Do you want to drive an electric car for three months?

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Do you want to drive an electric car for three months?This is your chance to take part in an electric vehicle demonstration, along with other members of the public and also of the business community by taking part in Malta’s DemoEV Pilot Project.

The Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs (MRRA), as part of the DemoEV (Demonstration of the Feasibility of Electric Vehicles towards Climate Change Mitigation) Project, is looking for volunteers from all walks of life, to drive an electric vehicle for a 3-month period.

The Ministry for Gozo, is also taking part in the DemoEV Pilot Project, which is in line with the eco-Gozo vision that aims at reducing CO2 emissions and promote more the use of renewable energy.

Volunteers can be either private individuals or companies. A number of these volunteers must be making use of photovoltaic systems in their households or commercial premises respectively.

MRRA said that “it can be your affinity for cars or that for innovative technology. It can be that you are or want to become an environmental-friendly consumer, a business person, or you’d like your family to be part of an exciting new venture.

“If this profile fits you and you would like to become an electric vehicle volunteer, then we want to hear from you. Priority will be given to applicants who already own a car which is at least 5 years old.”

All applications must reach MRRA by not later than the 7th of September 2012 by noon (CET).

Click here to download Application Form (Please use Internet Explorer to download form).

The chosen volunteers will be pioneers in this new green initiative and will be driving a brand new 2nd generation electric vehicle (similar to your car, only running on electricity), experiencing first hand the benefits of using an electric vehicle while also contributing to the MRRA research and other activities related to this project.

This pilot project is to serve as a test base for new electric vehicles in the Maltese islands for the very first time, where an ongoing information campaign supporting this project will also kick off.

What about electric car charging?

The MRRA said that, “with the increasing awareness of the advantages of electric vehicles, there is a major effort being put behind developing an infrastructure that taps the needs of electric vehicle owners in Malta and Gozo. A charging point infrastructure is being implemented, which will fully charge your electric vehicle in approximately six to eight hours of charging. Simply plug in before you enter the office or when you are at home while you’re sleeping and you will have a fully charged car while you carry on with your normal chores.”

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