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Illegal development in Gharb & San Lawrenz – Ambjenti Malti

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Illegal development in Gharb & San Lawrenz - Ambjenti MaltiThe Ambjent Malti Organisation issued a statement this evening saying “it had received other reports that it had not been aware of before about more illegal developments being made by the same person. It involved the unauthorised construction of a wall with limestone surrounding land in the area of St Dimitri, Gharb, Gozo and government property.”

The Organisation said that, “this morning the development was still in process in the quarry and in the photograph another development can be seen taking place within the same area.”

The Organisation is urging for immediate action to be taken before considering any application, saying “the authority must first and foremost impose enforcement to retun the area to its original and natural state.”

Ambjent Malti said that “from other information gained the same developer has another illegally built structure with a Stop and Enforcement notice (reference EC/00564/07) on it in San Lawrenz.”

Amjent Malta concluded by saying “we are informed that even here no action was taken either by MEPA or other authorities. The organisation asks why this is?”

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    1. Don Wood says:

      The developer has obviously decided to ignore this article as more work on the wall was completed yesterday. Is MEPA or Gharb council going to do anything about this illegal structure?

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