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Employment in specialised construction industry rises

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Employment in specialised construction industry risesA sample survey carried out among construction enterprises showed that employment rose by 0.6 per cent in the second quarter when compared to last year.

Year-on-year data indicate that employment in construction activities went up by 0.6 per cent. Employment in the construction of buildings and in civil engineering increased by 2.8 and 9.4 per cent respectively. This was partially mitigated by a decline of 3.1 per cent in specialised construction activities.

Construction hours adjusted for working days increased by 5.8 per cent. The construction of buildings, civil engineering and specialised construction activities grew by 4.9, 9.0 and 5.7 per cent respectively.

During the period under review, wages and salaries advanced by 5.9 per cent. Specialised construction activities and civil engineering were the main catalysts of growth. This increase was partially offset by a 1.3 per cent drop in wages and salaries paid in respect of the construction of buildings.

When comparing the second quarter to the previous quarter, employment, hours worked and wages increased by 1.2, 3.3 and 3.0 per cent respectively.

Seasonal adjusted data for new dwelling permits declined by 19.4 per cent when compared to the first quarter this year. This was reflected by a decrease of 11.5 and 11.1 per cent in permits for one-dwelling residential buildings and for two and more dwelling residential buildings (apartments) respectively.

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