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AD states that “rampant illegal hunting should be stopped”

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AD states that “rampant illegal hunting should be stopped”Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party in a statement today reaffirmed its position against spring hunting.

Simon Galea, Spokesperson for Agriculture & Animal Welfare said, “following various reports of illegal hunting including the slaughter of birds of prey AD calls upon the government to beef up enforcement.

“Illegal hunting is so rampant and it seems that a considerable numbers of hunters still cannot differentiate between game and protected species. Instead of insisting with the hunters’ organisations for the need of all their members to abide with the law, both PN and PL are caught up in this vote grabbing race and try accommodate at all costs including by opening the spring hunting season, Simon Galea concluded.”

Chairperson Michael Briguglio, added, “AD strongly believes in sustainability and nature protection. If in parliament we will commit ourselves towards the fight against illegal hunting through enforcement plus education while insisting to follow the Birds Directive and abolish spring hunting once and for all. People have the right to enjoy nature and such abuses have to be seriously dealt about irrespective to the electoral mileage.”

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    1. Walter Sultana says:

      What those, So called Ministers Of Malta ‘s Government are waiting for ??> TIL all The Birds Raise deminish completly ?? I like to advice them to get up from their Butt and start working to save All Wild LIFE . we have in Malta and Gozo .

      PS Here in Canada where i live .If am cought having the Wild Cardinal as a Pet in the cage, I can get at lest $1000 fine .In Malta they kill many birds for no reason and the Government looks at the other side and let them go free . IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL JUSTICE >??? Walter

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