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‘San Dimitri illegal development still ongoing’ – Ambjent Malti

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'San Dimitri illegal development still ongoing' - Ambjent MaltiEnvironmental NGO Ambjent Malti, in a statement today said that “the illegal developmnet at San Dimitri, Gharb Gozo is still ongoing.” The NGO is asking why no action has been taken by authorities on this large illegal construction which spoils the surrounding countryside?

The NGO said that “any building done without the required building permits is illegal construction which could be a danger to the public. The site, even though illegal, has eletricity and water services

“This week other sheep were seen being transported to the site to continue enlarge the sheep illegal sheep farm.”

The NGO concluded, “What is stopping MEPA, the health department, the agriculture department and Gharb Local Council in taking action as has been done on other illegal developments. It appears that these authorities are afraid for some reason, to take the necessary action. It is their duty to protect us citizens morally, phisycally and health wise.

“Ambjent Malti insist that action has to be taken immediately and without further delay.”

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