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Fifteenth edition of the Gozo Motor Show

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15th edition of the Gozo Motor Show
As Gozo’s 1234 drew to an end so did the activities organised throughout the last few days in connection with this multi-activity celebration in Gozo. One of the well-attended events was that organised by the Kercem Ajax Football Club at the Rundle Gardens in Victoria. The Gozo Motor Show has become one of the established annual shows in Gozo’s calendar of events and normally draws considerable crowds mostly made up of enthusiasts of cars and other related accessories on the local scene.

The Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, presented trophies at a closing ceremony which was attended by a sizeable crowd made up of Gozitans as well as some of the last Maltese visitors who crossed to Gozo during this long weekend. Minister Debono praised the initiative taken each year by the organising committee, who through their constant commitment and endeavours, have made this fair a successful attraction. It was also a good decision to include this year’s edition within the programme of Gozo 1234 multi-activity festival, thus giving it the possibility to be seen by a greater number of visitors.

The Minister for Gozo remarked on the successful activities which were drawing to an end at the time and how the co-ordination of all those involved, resulted in a second success of this great event which followed the first edition of Lejlet Lapsi-Notte Gozitana organised last year. The Minister added that such activities are aimed to generate more economic activity on the island of Gozo during the less popular months thus boosting the economy whilst also showing-off the island’s potential. The support given by the Ministry for Gozo as well as the Parliamentary Secretariat for Tourism together with the interest shown by various Local Councils and other Gozitan entities such as the organisers of the Gozo Motor Show, contributed in no small way to the success of this mega-activity which was organised this year by the consortium ‘Burning Spear’.

Victoria’s Rundle Gardens have been hosting Gozo Motor Show editions for the past fifteen years. In future years the backdrop will definitely be enhanced through a major project to be initiated soon, which will incorporate considerable works for the revival of these historic gardens.

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