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Our cry is jobs in Gozo for the Gozitans – Dr Joseph Muscat

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Large crowds attend PL mass meeting taking place in GozoUpdate: The Labour Party is holding its first mass meeting of this electoral campaign in Gozo this afternoon in St Augustine’s Square, Victoria.Large crowds attend PL mass meeting taking place in GozoLabour Leader Dr Joseph Muscat earlier this afternoon visited the last remaining family living on Comino and various matters were discussed including the costs that have to be met for travelling to the main islands for hospital treatment. From there Dr Muscat moved on to the meeting in Gozo.Large crowds attend PL mass meeting taking place in GozoThe Party supporters almost brought parts of Victoria to a standstill as they made their way to the Square. The change to wet and cloudy weather failed to dampen the spirit of the crowds, waving flags and sporting the Party colours, who were urged on by the MCs, shouting the Party slogan which was greeeted with loud cheers and shouts.

Dr Muscat arrived to a huge welcome from the packed square and surrounding streets.

Dr Muscatt said, “Reduced utility bills mean more spending money, reduced utility bills mean more jobs and reduced bills mean cleaner air.”

“We are aware that apart from the thousands who are gathered here today, there are thousands of other Gozitans who were afraid of showing their faces, because of fear for themselves and for their children,” The Labour Leader continued. ” They are following us from their homes.”

“To these siblings of ours we say that we know about them, we know that they are with us as part of this movement, we feel their presence here with us. You are a part of us. You are part of this movement that will bring about a change in direction,” affirmed Joseph Muscat. “Don’t worry. In the voting booth you will be on your own, and there you will be able to choose for a change in direction for our country.”

“We understand that the primary concern for Maltese and Gozitan families is employment. In Gozo’s case, employment has depleted, Gozitan youths are not finding jobs. This is why our cry is jobs in Gozo for the Gozitans” stated Joseph Muscat.

The Labour leader declared that connectivity between the two islands should be increased, following the carrying out of studies that will ensure environment protection. “This is why the Labour Party will also consider the building of the tunnel, a project which was mentioned but completely forgotten by the Government in the Budget.”

Joseph Muscat emphasised that Gozo has the potential to flourish in all aspects of the economy, from the manufacture industry to services, from Information Technology to health and education services. “We believe that the main sector which may boost Gozo’s economy is the tourism sector, and in the current situation, Gozo is a long way off from realising its full potential”, asserted Joseph Muscat. “We want to see the hotels, restaurants and large and small businesses recover and for this reason we have launched the energy roadmap.”

Joseph Muscat explained how the electricity bills will be reduced by an average of 25% whilst the water bills will be reduced by 5%. Through the €187 million euros in savings, €77million will be given back to the Maltese and Gozitan families and to large and small businesses. “Hence we will be creating jobs which you and your family deserve in order to have a better quality of life. We will again raise people from poverty and we will help the middle class so that all families will be in a position to progress” declared Joseph Muscat.

The Labour leader added that following this week’s event in Marsaxlokk, he was approached by several families who spoke to him about the problems in the air quality. “I pledged to myself to close those cancer factories” affirmed Joseph Muscat, with reference to the powerstation powered by Heavy Fuel Oil. “I said to myself that I could net leave these families and their children in this situation. We have to save them and raise their quality of life. I don’t want to hear of a single boy or girl who was diagnosed with cancer or asthma because I did not act and did not change the powerstation to one powered by gas.”

Joseph Muscat added: “I don’t want the death of any girl or boy on my conscience. This is the reason why I embarked on a political career. Not for money or fame. I entered the political field so that if I can make a difference in the life of one single person, I will do it. This is my mission. This is my vision. This is what brings us together. This is what makes Malta belong to all of us.”

“We also showed that we believe in the potential of the private sector, because a Government cannot do everything on its own. The reaction we got was one of confusion and disarray which shows that the present Government no longer believes in the private sector’s potential” stated the Labour leader.

“We believe in the private sector and we want to work hand in hand with the private sector, which we have proved with facts. We want to bring our roadmap to fruition by working with the private sector.

Photographs – Below by Alain Salvary shows scenes in Victoria this morning before the start of the meeting.

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