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National statistics on theatres for the year 2006

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National statistics on theatres
Theatres staged a total of 475 performances during the year 2006 appealing to an entire audience of 182,464 spectators attracting in particular, a distinct interest in concerts.

The total of 245 productions staged during 2006 was mainly attributed to concerts which comprised 46.1 per cent of the total variety of productions. Other registered productions were dramas, comedies, musicals, dance and opera. Concerts also made up a leading number of performances accounting for 32.4 per cent of the total. This was followed by a substantial number of performances regarding comedies and drama, accounting for a proportion of 20.6 and 16.2 per cent respectively.

Spectators favoured comedies, concerts and musicals, of 28.6, 25.9 and 11.4 per cent respectively, followed by dance, drama and opera. The average theatre-seat utilisation rate for all types of productions was 62.4 per cent. During the year under review, theatres employed 154 persons. From these, 62 individuals were employed as paid staff, while 92 persons worked on a voluntary basis.

Expenditure by theatres was estimated at nearly €0.8 million during the year 2006, an increase of 14.0 per cent when compared to the previous year. 45.8 per cent of this expenditure was mainly attributed to staff costs and administrative expenses – 45.8 per cent and 19.7 per cent respectively. Income earned during this period totalled €1.1 million, a drop of 1.0 per cent when compared to that registered in 2005. Most of the income was attributed to hiring out of halls and related services, which stood at 41.1 per cent of total income.

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