Agius De Soldanis girls in Limerick Competition

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Agius De SoldanisRobert Samut Hall at Floriana recently hosted the Prize Giving Ceremony, held by the British Culture Association, to award winners in a Limerick competition.

The Competition was open to students of Form III and Form IV coming from public, church and private schools. There were 70 entries from 13 different schools from Malta and Gozo. The first ten entries from both forms, 20 in all, were read by the students themselves. These students were awarded a certificate of merit.

The first two best entries from each form were awarded a first and second prize. Marija Cachia from Form III Liedna, Agius De Soldanis Junior Lyceum was awarded second prize from among the Form III entries. The name of her limerick was “My Mobile and I”. Desiree Bajada from Form IV was awarded a certificate of merit.

My Mobile and I

It was February 11th, 2004

The day was quite dreary, it was such a bore!

My mother stepped near

She told me: “Come here!”

And my heart to the sky did it soar!

A mobile it was, all shiny and new

Like flowery petals, all covered with dew.

“You’re such a good girl!

You deserve such a pearl!”

But if I deserved it I hadn’t a clue.

I have it so close to me ever since then,

It’s safe in my pockets, as if in a den.

I take it to school

Behave like a fool

We’ve been best of friends, like football and men.

Marija Cachia 3 Liedna

The limerick is a humorous verse form, the subject of which is often nonsensical but the structure of which is strictly prescribed. This definite pattern consists of five lines. Lines one, two, and five contain three metrical feet, and rhyme; lines three and four contain two metrical feet, and rhyme. Originally, limericks were delivered orally and served as commentaries on manners and behaviour. The most famous of all limerick writers was the English painter and humorist Edward Lear.

Dr Clare Thake Vassallo and Ms Clare Padovani represented the British Cultural Association. The school extended their thanks to the B. C. A for the opportunity it gave to the students to deliver their writing.

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