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Ghajnsielem Tile4U scheme doing very well

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Tile4U Benefactors
The Tile4U scheme, which was recently launched by the St Joseph Band Club of Ghajnsielem to raise money to fund the refurbishment work on the Formal Committee Room, is doing very well. In just two weeks, over €1500 has been collected thanks to several beneficiaries.

This means that over 75 tiles or one third of the whole board have been sold at €20 each. Once all the 225 boxes are completed, a list with the names and addresses of all the beneficiaries will be engraved on a board and stored in the Musical Archive as a way to reciprocate for the donations.

The aim of the Tile4U scheme is to collect money to fund the the marble floor area of the Formal Committee Room, which is being upgraded to host the Musical Archive. A wooden board displaying the 225 boxes has been placed in the main entrance hall of the Club. Each box (or tile) represents part of the marble floor area and is being sold at €20.

Anyone interested in giving a donation of €20 can leave the money with the barman or call or SMS Kevin Cauchi on 99459426.

The people of Ghajnsielem will also be invited to see the on-going works during an Open-Day which is to be held on Sunday the 24th of August.

As well as being able to see the completion of Phase 1 of the project, the public will have the opportunity to view several artistic works exhibited by local artists, the exhibition will remain open until the 31st of August. Radju Lauretana will also be transmitting the Open-Day live from the Band Club’s premises.

The refurbishment of the Committee room and Musical Archive is being carried out in two phases, Phase 1 consists of the marble floor, upgrade of the lighting and electrical system, a new ceiling made from solid mahogany and two chandeliers. This phase will be completed by August 2008 with an estimated cost of €19,000

Phase 2 consists of the wall panelling, the main unit of the Musical Archive, the sculpture on the same archive and other related pieces of furniture. This phase will be completed by August 2009 with an estimated cost of €25,000

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