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Works on the asphalting of tac-Cawla Street

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asphalting of tac-Cawla Street
Part of tac-Cawla Street on the outskirts of Victoria is currently being rehabilitated and asphalted by the Victoria Local Council.

The works are being carried out and financed under an agreement signed by the council with Dolores Cristina when she was still the Minister responsible for Family and Social Solidarity.

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    1. Charles Mintoff says:

      I would like to make a comment on the Central Strips in Dr Anton Tabone St the strips opposite Sir Paul Boffa St, the Brickwork is in need of Repair also the Palm Trees make it very difficult to see Traffic heading towards Victoria. This Part of the Street is a Busy Crossing as Parents and Children cross there coming from Church also it would be nice to see some flowers planted just like the roundabouts.

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