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The Festa of Santa Marija celebrated in Victoria

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Festa Santa Marija
This evening the grand finale of the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, also known as Santa Marija, is being celebrated in Victoria.

The feast of Santa Marija is also being celebrated in six villages in Malta, Attard, Ghaxaq, Gudja, Mosta, Mqabba and Qrendi.

Numerous Maltese and visiting tourists are celebrating the feast in Gozo, many of them staying here for the long weekend and the majority of hotel and other holiday accommodation is reported to be fully booked.

Today also commemorates the 66th anniversary of the arrival of the Santa Marija convoy, which saved Malta from surrender when the allied convoy of food and fuel reached the islands on the 15th of August 1942, despite the heavy bombardment inflicted by German and Italian planes and the sinking of many of the ships.

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    3 Responses

    1. Charles Mintoff says:

      Of all the Feasts of Santa Maria, by Far the one celebrated In Gozo is the most popular judging by the number of people that attended.

    2. Salvina says:

      I don’t think that the Feast of St. Mary in Gozo is the most popular from all the others. People attends Gozo for the feast because there are lots of reasons: shutdowns, many Maltese likes to stay some days in Gozo, so they leave it in August when everybody is not working.
      So I think again that it’s not true that Gozo is the most popular, even though I am a Gozitan. All St.Mary’s feast, which are in 7 places are nice. If it’s a small village, it’s common sense there will be a few people. So St. Mary’s feast is celebrated in all 7 nice villages. It’s the church that makes it nice and not how much people are there.

    3. frida borg says:

      just a question isn’t this feast also being celebrated in mgarr malta. that makes it 7 villages celebrating the festa.

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