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MCAST’s position regarding reduced hours for academic staff

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MCASTThe Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology is, through the press, informed that the Malta Union of Teachers has registered an industrial dispute with MCAST following adverts appearing in the press inviting applications for the post of ICT lecturers.

Although no specific provision is included in the new collective agreement signed by both MCAST and MUT, yet in the past, MCAST has considered favourably requests by academic members of staff to work on reduced hours if the request was fully justified and when it was possible for MCAST to make the alternative arrangements without having a negative impact on the students as regards to their course entitlement.

The MUT is aware of such arrangements with lecturers already in post in the various Institutes and has never raised the issue or protested against MCAST’s past concessions. MCAST management has always been reasonable with its members of staff.

Therefore, MCAST cannot understand how it can be accused of “blatantly breaching the recently signed agreement”.

MCAST repeats that requests for reduced hours have always been considered on a case by case basis if fully justified and alternative arrangements can be made to satisfy student requirements.

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