Showbiz High to perform at Westminster Cathedral and Shaftesbury Theatre

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Showbiz High London TeamIn December 2007, a group of teenage students from various state and private schools across the Maltese Islands got together in a local studio in Xemxija. The teenagers, who all receive their voice and dance training in the Performing Arts at the Batista Leisure Group studios in Xemxija, were excited to start a new project – ‘Showbiz High’.

‘Showbiz High’ was originally inspired by the Disney movie of ‘High School Musical’. The ‘Showbiz High’ initial idea soon turned into a lot of planning by Mr Godwin and Mrs Colette Debattista. For the biggest challenge was to maintain the high standards that the ‘High School Musical’ had set amongst teenage artists. But having 18 exceptional teenagers made it a lot easier and fun for the Management Team to create a masterpiece show.

From January 2008 to April 2008, ‘Showbiz High’ was created with the young artists using their spare time from school and studies learning choreography under the vigilant eyes of Ms Kristina Schranz from Dance Project Malta and Ms Sophie Debattista. And WOW did they do well. Their young energy and extreme dedication in building ‘Showbiz High’ was vital in the instant success of the show.

With a brilliant and huge repertoire including ‘Start of something new, Everyday, Breaking free, Together, Work this out, Status Quo, Fabulous, Get your head in the game, What I’ve been looking for, America, Hannah Montana, Volare, Valerie, Best Damn thing, Shut up and drive, making your mind up, He’s listening, All rise, Low, Crazy little thing called love, Happy Birthday to name but a few. ‘Showbiz High’ made its debut on the very popular TVM program ‘Hadd Ghalik’ in April 2008 upon which the program producer / presenter Ms Angie Laus immediately invited them to remain as residents on the programme for the rest of the TV season. This effectively launched ‘Showbiz High’ with grandeur as they had 90,000 viewers watching them every Sunday.

Then in May 2008, the spectacle made its official debut on stage here in Gozo, at the Gozo 1,2,3,4 Fun, Food and Fireworks. The response to the first full 70 minute run was amazing. After such a brilliant debut, ‘Showbiz High’ was immediately booked for the BOV streets alive, Farsons Beer Festival, UHM Fest, Delicata Wine Festival, Chiswick House School Communion celebration, Indifest…the list is endless.

But ‘Showbiz High’ is not only obtaining a brilliant local success, international recognition was immediate as well. An article in the news section of the music website,, promoted the Maltese spectacle to millions. Upon which the team received two invitations to perform in the European entertainment capital, London, with two performances that will be featured at Westminster Cathedral and The Shaftesbury Theatre on the weekend of Saturday the 13th of September and Sunday the 14th of September.

At Westminster Cathedral Hall ‘Showbiz High’ will headline the music part of Malta Day which is organized annually. At The Shaftesbury Theatre ‘Showbiz High’ will be featured in an event produced by Young performers UK, a British Company that supports young British talent.

During the actual day of the performance the team will be working all day at the Theatre alongside sixteen British Arts schools and with the professional crew of one of the largest West End Theatres. Then in the evening the performance will feature the same sixteen Arts schools along with ‘Showbiz High’ as special foreign guests.

It is the first time in the history of this event that a non-British team has been invited for a performance.

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