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A Secure Future – Paul Buttigieg, PN candidate – 13 District

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"A Secure Future" - Paul Buttigieg PN candidate 13 District“On March 9, our citizens are being called to participate on one of the most important of duties by using their vote to elect a new Government for the next five years. This is a duty that all citizens should take seriously. The decision will install a new legislature. No responsible citizen worth his dignity should remain passive when confronted with such an important choice considering that the future of our country depends on it.

Once more I have been asked by the Nationalist Party and in particular by the Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi to put myself forward as a candidate in the general election. And as I had said YES five years ago having then seen and felt the duty to offer in full measure my services to such a cause in the national interest, once more I said an emphatic YES.

Gozitans are aware that I have been involved in politics since I was 19 years of years, sixteen of which I spent as Mayor of Qala. I worked very hard for my locality and I feel both proud and fulfilled that I have helped anyone who turned to me for help, irrespective of who they were. I always believed in this kind of politics – respecting in practice all shades of opinion.

It is true that at times not all that is desired can be attained through political action but together with my fellow Councillors I worked hard to continue to embellish our village, as it was my duty to do. Through my personal efforts Qala gained from European Union funds and in several other material ways, resulting in even more embellishment and projects which enhanced Qala’s profile.

Once more I am offering my services not to my locality only but also to our country. My long experience as Mayor taught me convincingly that when politics is properly put into practice, it becomes an effective powerful tool for the improvement of people’s lives.

I always believed in politics as a continuous encounter with fellow citizens, learning about their needs, their problems and their aspirations. A learning process which I have appreciated immensely. It is politics as a service, without undue publicity that I always believed in.

I have worked for many years at the Gozo General Hospital where at present I occupy the position of Manager Nursing Services. There I come into daily contact with a large number of health workers and a substantial number of patients and their families, all with their particular worries and needs which I have always tried to address.

My career in the health service taught me to appreciate the value of life and that I should never stop from endeavouring to better whatever services we offer. These last five years, thanks to the present Government and the Gozo Ministry we have seen the continuation of a modernisation programme at the hospital, not only in its environs but also substantially with all types of new equipment, hence cutting down on the needs of Gozitan patients to visit Mater Dei hospital for their medical appointments.

Most of the principal services, particularly those related to CCU/ITU, renal. radiology and others, such as the hyperbaric unit and the newly re-furbished operating theatres are now available in Gozo. These will be inaugurated in the coming days.

A tour of Gozo reveals to one and all the large number of projects that have been implemented on the island, both recently and in the not too distant past. These projects bear the signature of the Nationalist Party in office for the last 25 years bar the twenty two months of Alfred Sant’s Government between 1996 and 1998.

The road infrastructure of European standard, a brand new secondary school, a well equipped Gymnasium, new Gozo Channel boats, new terminals at Mgarr and Cirkewwa, the Institute of Tourism Studies in Qala, the University Centre, public gardens and many more have changed the island for the better.

The Nationalist Party guarantees you a secure future, be it in education, work and medical care in hospitals that compete with the best. But none of this can be taken for granted. Only a sound economy can. Only the Nationalist Party can continue to deliver on the economy.

The choice is truly in our hands as we cast our vote on March 9.”

Paul Buttigieg

PN candidate – 13 District

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    7 Responses

    1. albert says:

      Paul Everyone knows how hard you and the other Paul Buttigieg worked to do the right thing for Qala residents .But today that is all history

      • C.Portelli says:

        As recently as last Sunday, Paul (Qala’s ex Mayor and author of the above letter) almost single-handedly managed to secure financing for yet another major project in Qala. Now his village will have a full-sized football ground, complete with synthetic turf and lighting. Project is valued in excess of 250,000 euros. Presently he might be a minority leader, yet he is still capble of getting that sort of money from GFA and central government. No one can deny that his village benefitted significantly from his talent and determination, and I am in no doubt that he will work equally hard if he is entrusted with greater responsibilities.

        Paul, Gozo needs more people of your mettle. Keep up the good work, and best of luck for the forthcoming elections.

      • Ray Xerri says:

        I beg to differ. He had promised the ground over 10 years ago and never materialized. To be correct it is the current administration of the Qala Local Council headed by the new mayor Architect Camilleri who pushed forward together with the Qala football club and GFA in order to secure the funds.

        Anyway, I still wish Paul best of luck

    2. Lorne Cremona says:

      Mr Editor,

      I am writing on behalf of Qala Saints Football Club, and with reference to Mr Ray Xerri’s comment on this page, posted earlier on today.

      Our club has been involved in talks with several entities -Gozo Football Association (GFA), Ministry for Gozo and Ministry for Finance amongst others- regarding this project for a significant time span. Your readers will appreciate that a project of this size, involving several hundreds of thousands of euros, cannot be financed overnight; and require a great deal of planning, meetings and negotiations before it can be materialized. In view of this, efforts done by Qala Saints’ committee and its president cannot and must not be overlooked.

      We refer to the letter sent by from Mr Alvin Grech, President, GFA, dated 17th February 2013. A soft copy of this correspondence is available on the club’s official site: The content of this letter -which is in Maltese- is self-explanatory, as it outlines who was involved, or otherwise, in these negotiations.

      I trust this clarifies all doubts.


      Lorne Cremona
      Qala Saints Football Club

    3. albert says:

      Lorne thanks for clarifying this matter which was raised by Ray Xerri .As I have written earlier I truly know who really loved Qala

      No more patting on the backs we want action not paroli

    4. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Paul although I would lean more in the direction of Labour simply because I feel that the electorate have been let down in many ways by GonziPN I still had a lot of respect for you when you held the position of Mayor in Qala. I felt that you worked really well along with the other Paul Buttigieg and current deputy Mayor for the good of Qala and its people.

      You mention a sound economy and I think that is actually one of the areas where PN have failed the people. It’s very easy to give the impression that the Maltese economy is sound when the Government continues to spend money it doesn’t have leaving the country 6 Billion Euros in debt! However I don’t lay any of that or the present dirty tactics being used at your door, and in saying that I wish you all the best in the upcoming election as I know you truly have Qala and its people in your heart.

    5. Joseph Mifsud says:

      I have known Paul since he became the Qala mayor under the PN logo, some 17 years ago. Since then he always had the Qala residents at heart and worked very hard to change the face of Qala – which was just a forgotten Gozo village.
      Everybody can come to Qala to see for himself the projects done under his mayorship. If he is given the chance in the national elections I have no doubt that he will be of great service to all Gozitans.

      I wish Mr Paul Buttigieg best of luck for his candidacy for the general elections of this March.

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