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“Hondoq – Is it possible to keep everybody happy?”

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"Hondoq – Is it possible to keep everybody happy?"Readers Letter – “The PL have stated that they oppose the Hondoq project and that they have “already secured a very positive response from residents, environmentalists and also from stakeholders.” Since the ‘developers’ aren’t mentioned as such, they must be part of the group of people considered stakeholders.

The environmentalists and 85% of Qala’s residents would not react ‘very positively’ if they knew any development were to happen down at Hondoq and the developers would surely not react ‘very positively’ if they were told they would not be allowed to build anything.

Why have two such disparate sets of people reacted so positively to the same news?”

Jane Carr,


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    13 Responses

    1. john C says:

      Jane you got very valid points hope we get a valid answer

    2. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Good point Jane but can I suggest you also address the question to PN as they seem to be avoiding the issue which in their case usually means they have a developer standing by waiting for the word to start.

    3. mick dundee says:

      @ Jane Carr Jane, did you ever get a reply from Qala Local Council regarding forwarding a motion to ask each member to declare whether they are “for or against the development at Hondoq whether or not the proposal is modified”?

      Down Under

      • Jane Carr says:

        I sent an official letter but received no official reply. I don’t know if they forwarded the motion or not. What with one thing and another, I did not follow it up.

    4. Phil Cox says:

      It looks like Labour have taken the environmentalists and Qala’s residents for a ride when they led them to believe that they were against the development at Hondoq. Labour’s Franco Mercieca, although against the marina, is now saying he sees no problem in developing the area of the desalination plant and the quarry!

      Hondoq is a jewel, why spoil it?

    5. mick dundee says:

      @ Phil .Are you Joking ?? Where did Franco Mercieca declare this . How could he go against all those people that are upset at Hondoq being ruined.Perhaps he never goes there .When I was there last year it was so beautiful and the people I spoke to not even one was in favour to develop hondoq.

      Mr Mercieca YOU ARE WRONG MATE


    6. Peter says:

      Now some of the foreigners became experts in our politics. Come on tell us that some of you including Jane Carr have a POLITICAL AGENDA !!!!

    7. david says:

      @ Peter Grow up .
      .I do follow what Mrs Carr write and she has put forward valid questions to both political parties and none have come up with a satisfactory answer .

      Can we ask valid questions or if we do so we will be labeled as if we got a political agenda. So peter do us a favour and foreward this message to Dr Mercieca so he can tell us what he meant

    8. Peter says:

      @ david

      Lili qieghed tejd grow up, jaqaw inti wiehed minn dawn li geghdin ixewxu kontra dan id-debutat gdid tal PL li vera irid gid lil Ghawdex ?

      • david says:

        did Dr Mercieca say that he sees no problem in developing the area of the desalination plant and the quarry! or not?? answer this simple question peter
        If he did , I and and a lot like me wouldn`t be jumping with joy for sure .If he really want the good for gozo surely a comment like this should not have been heard from him ,Peter do you remember the qala referendum ? and it`s result

    9. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Peter I assume the ‘foreigners’ you are referring to are either tourists or people who have taken up residence in Gozo. Either way they are injecting large amounts of cash into the local economy and as such they have a right to comment on what is being done to a place they obviously love otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

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