A voice of reason is clearly needed in Parliament – AD

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A voice of reason is clearly needed in Parliament - ADSpeaking in St Anne Square, Sliema this morning, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party Chairperson Michael Briguglio said, “The electoral campaign is clearly showing the need of a voice of reason in Parliament. Whilst both Nationalist and Labour Parties are constantly attacking each other on corruption and illegalities during the electoral frenzy, it is clear that the two party system is facing a crisis of legitimacy.

“The days of partisan appointments in key posts, and of the stagnant duopoly should be over. AD is making clear proposals on transparent and meritocratic appointments of key posts in the public sector, and has been consistently proposing party financing and whistleblower legislation. With 2,000 votes in a district, AD will be in Parliament. History will be made as AD will be proposing legislation to stop the suffocation of society by the two-party system,” Michael Briguglio concluded.

Mario Mallia, AD spokesperson for education described the current situation in the electoral campaign as tragic. Mallia insisted that politicians need to lead by example. They need to be an inspiration. “Instead, they are relegating politics to a slanging match that is making a mockery of what politics should be all about.”

“The sense of respect towards political adversaries is being thrown out of the window in an attempt to score political points.”Mario Mallia continued, “revelations of corruption and mismanagement are left for the election campaign on purpose. National interest is being held hostage to party interests.” Mario Mallia reiterated that AD is a free party. This allows it to be the voice of reason. This freedom comes from its choice not to be bound to big business, and lobbies that blackmail parties with their vote to the detriment to the law-abiding citizen.

“This freedom allows AD to bring to the fore issues that the other parties have ignored for ages. These include issues related to civil rights, fiscal morality and environmental sustainability. It is for this reason that AD’s presence in parliament has become an issue of urgency for the country,” he concluded.

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