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A “special effort” is needed on the eve of the election – PM

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A "special effort" is needed on the eve of the election - PMWith just four days to go until election day, the penultimate mass meeting was this evening held in Victoria. The windy weather failed to keep the people away and many supporters travelled over from Malta for the meeting, swelling the numbers in the crowd which thronged Victoria’s main street

The meeting was addressed by the Prime Minister, Lawerence Gonzi and the PN Deputy Leader Simon Busuttil. The Prime Minister was accompanied by his wife Kate Gonzi.

Simon Busuttil opened the meeting with a welcome to everyone there, he was greeted by loud cheers by the crowd, many of the waving PN flags and banners. He said that the PN was always behind Gozo, quoting Eddie Fenech Adami, saying that “Gozo is the showcase of Malta.” He recalled that the PN had been the ones that had undertaken any major projects in Gozo.

Mr Busuttil said that the Governement will not solve everything by Saturday, however he called for Gozitans to vote for the Nationalist Party, because “with a PN Government, Gozo has advanced and will keep going that way.”

He continued by saying that 10 years ago Joseph Muscat had said to vote against membership in the EU. “Had we listened to him we would not have had a future in Europe.” Busuttil asked, “how can we tust a party who gives bad advice and only has gimmicks?”

Busuttil concluded by once again urging everyone “to go out next Saturday and vote PN.”A "special effort" is needed on the eve of the election - PMThe Prime Minister started off his address by thanking everyone for the warm support the PN had received in Gozo. He was given loud cheers and shouts when he said that Gozo was at the heart of PN and the Government’s efforts. He said a “special effort” was needed on the eve of the election, in particular for those who are still undecided.

He said that voters had to think of the future of their children when they made their votes on Saturday, for their health, education and work. He said that the PN “would put in the effort of quailty jobs for Goiztans in Gozo.”

Dr Gonzi made special mention of Anton Tabone, George Borg Oliver and former PN Leader, Eddie Fenech Adami, for what they had done for Gozo.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the MLP has not even referred to the Gozo Ministry in its manifesto. He asked “will Labour silence Gozo in Cabinet?”

The Nationalist Party doesn’t have “roadmaps” for Gozo, the PM sad, “but concrete plans that mean job creation. Providing an exhaustive overview of all that has been delivered in Gozo over the past five years,” the Prime Minister spoke of the embellishments and public gardens, the restoration of the Cittadella, the new fleet of buses, an afforestation project in Mgarr grove, and investment in sewage treatment, meaning clean seas surrounding Gozo.

Gonzi stated that PL cannot talk about a single project on Gozo, that is the difference between them and PN. The PN ” do not come empty handed, we have projects that will create work and improve quality of life.” He mentioned the proposals that PN had put forward aimed at new businesses, which included tax credits and tax breaks, with incentives for employment.

He went on to remind everyone of the investment in health services in Gozo, these included, the radiology department as well as the breast screening programme.

The PM said that Gozo depends on tourism, stating that PN would “publish a plan in the next five years to ensure touristic development in Gozo.” More five star hotels were needed, with schemes for three and four star hotels to improve their quality, the PM said.

He said that tourism had both grown and developed with a PN Government. He added that a changes would be made in MEPA under a PN Goverment, which would ensure that future projects would be of benefit to the tourism industry in Gozo.

Gonzi reiterated that the PN will continue with the feasibility study of a permanent link between the two islands when they are elected as a new Government, “if the study proves to be feasible we will carry out this project and give Gozo the biggest step towards more work for Gozitans in Gozo.”

He mentioned the funds obtained form the EU, stating again that 10% of the funds will be dedicated to Gozo, with Gozo’s share of the EU rural funds increasing to 22%.

The Prime Minister again asked voters to think “long and hard about their decision on Saturday.” He said that he had faith in their decision. Gonzi continued, “the PN can do more, we can treat people with humanity, dignity and greater respect.” If the “result is a bad one, we will not be able to correct the mistake for another five years, in which a lot can more can happen.”

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