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Is Hondoq a pawn for both Parties? – Readers Letter

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Is Hondoq a pawn for both Parties? - Readers Letter“On one hand the PL has stated that it ‘opposes the Hondoq project’ (emphasising the marina and hotel). On the other hand it has declined to answer a direct question asking ‘whether they agree with any kind of residential development at Hondoq’ (Malta Today, 24 February).

This is perhaps not surprising when the new Labour candidate, Franco Mercieca, said that Hondoq wasn’t suitable for a marina, however he didn’t see a problem in developing where there is the desalination plant and quarry (Illum, 24 February).

It would be interesting to ask how positive the environmentalists and Qala’s residents feel now towards the PL’s statement. If Labour say one thing but mean another – how can one trust any of the policies they are proposing prior to the election?

The PN also declined to answer the question posed by Malta Today. Recent interviews with Mario Demarco and Giovanna Debono (Illum 27 Jan / 24 Feb) seem to have followed the party line of not voicing personal opinions, instead referring to eco-Gozo, and relying on Mepa to make the correct decision.

However, despite 85% of Qala’s residents voting against the development; 1000’s signing the petition against it; Transport Malta and Mepa’s Environmental Protection Directorate recommending its refusal; and the Church’s Environmental Commission concluding that the project was not sustainable – Mepa still hasn’t managed to come to a decision after more than 10 years.

As to personal opinions, it is these that drive politics, and form policies, and it would be good to know where individuals of the PN stand on Hondoq.

The PN’s silence as regards Malta Today’s question, and Gonzi’s drive for more 5 star hotels, suggest they maybe in favour of allowing the development of a hotel and tourist village at Hondoq. This would be allowing both the destruction of assets which attract the tourist in the first place, and speculation – which would go directly against the Government’s own Tourism Policy for 2012-2016.

If the Government is prepared to allow a development go against its own Tourism Policy (which is based upon ‘critical trust’) – what trust can one have in any of the policies that they are proposing before the election?

Is neither party prepared to be open about where they stand on Hondoq ir-Rummien?”

Jane Carr,


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    21 Responses

    1. Derek Steele says:

      Well said Jane,I am afraid this one will just keep on running.Is it an election issue??

    2. david says:

      What dr mercieca said on Illum, 24 February will certainly effect my opinion .
      Election is in three days

    3. Gozitan says:

      Dr. Franco Mercieca I had decided already what to do with my vote next Saturday. But now after hearing what you said, I have changed my opinion on next Saturday. You are a Gozo resident, and we want Eco Gozo. How would be Eco Gozo with the development that like you and others want about Hondoq. You live in Qala and you are never at Hondoq bay during the summer because if yes you would change your mind. This is because during summer, Hondoq bay is invaded with people and tourists that come to relax and every one tells you that it is very beautiful much better than the other bays. Shame on you Dr. Mercieca you want to destroy one of the less polluted bay in Malta and Gozo. Shame on you.

    4. Peter says:

      Dr. Franco Mercieca il vot tieghi hu ghalik ghaliex int trid il gid lilna l’Ghawdxin. Tatix kaz dawn il ftit barranin li jigu jaqaw u iqumu mid dbatijiet taghna l’Ghawdxin.

    5. Gozitan says:

      Peter where are you from? I’m from Gozo and not a tourist. I love Hondoq and I want that the old quarry change, not to villas and hotels and marina but to a nature park where everyone even you can come relax with your family. Or you don’t love your family?

    6. albert says:

      @ Gozitan Naqbel mieghek 100% Agree with you 100% .OK Sur Peter

      Il vot tieghi ser jmur ghand min ser jara li Hondoq ma jinbnewx vilel go fih

    7. Mario says:

      Grazzi Franco Mercieca int se tkun wiehed mid deputati li se jiprezentawna. Din kienet risposta ghal dawn il ftit nies li forsi ma ridulekx gid.

    8. Peter says:

      Proset Dr.Franco Mercieca Ghawdex jixraqlu u ghandu bzonn deputat bhalek li jahdem ghalina l’Ghawdxin.

    9. Gozitan says:

      Mario jien ma naqbilx ma Franco ghal fatt li hu favur l-izvilupp Ta Hondoq biex jigi bhal tas-Sliema jew marsalforn. Haga ohra lukandi jghalqu qedin, il-gvern ghandu jghin lil min jrid jizviluppa l-lukandi.

      • Gozitan says:

        Tifmunix hazin jizviluppa jfisser jaghmel refurbishment ta lukandi antiki mhux jghalqu bhal, Atlantis hotel, Imgarr hotel, Andar hotel etc….

    10. Carmel Camilleri says:

      A big well done Dr.Franco Mercieca.

    11. Heather Mayer says:

      i just read your letter Jane, it was great,.
      please please leave Hondoq as it is.
      it is one of the many wonderful things about Gozo.

    12. Bobbi Jones says:

      This is an issue that goes on and on, but must not be given up on. Apart from us ex-pat residents who love Hondoq, I cannot believe anyone would take this away from the Gozitan people. We are not an island replete with beautiful beaches easily accessible by the public. This has always been more of a locals beach and whatever development occurs should benefit the island, not the foreign tourists. The hotel vacancy rates surely do not support the need? How many derelict hotels does Malta need before they kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

    13. lesley kreupl says:

      The Maltese goose is already terminally ill, and the Gozitan one is half dead as well. All the politicians can see are dollar signs and votes. Unfortunately, I don’t think the new lot will be much better than the old, but I hope I am wrong.

    14. Jenna Portelli says:

      Malta should get out of the EU. The sea is not even as blue as it used to be with all the ships docking in. Hotels buit around Hondoq would be just as bad as a marina. It would cause alot of pollution with all the cars going back and forth. Hotels also would block out the sun. A man I know told me that Malta now looks like an over built prison

      • Malcolm says:

        It will be nice to see a couple of 5 star hotels around Hondoq, a couple of restaurants and maybe a sports center, better facilities,a good car park and so forth, no forgetting resurfacing of that terrible road leading down to the small beach which needs to be cleaned up, removing the rocks that are covered in tar and debris. Hondoq must move on with the times,and then tourists will be flocking in like no body’s business.

      • Anthoney says:

        Malcolm, I hope you are not one of those that is going to gain something in the pocket from such a massive project you are proposing. If all that you are proposing is to materialise in Hondoq , there will not be any room left for the public.

        if you are gozitan and visit hondoq you know how many people are there especially during summer. With this type of project the only people that are going to gain are the speculators. What’s going to happen if the hotels are not viable again like what happened to Mgarr, andar etc, MORE APARTMENTS? Gozo does need work, but yours is a very poor excuse how to create work. I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT IF HONDOQ IS DEVELOPED WE WILL LOSE WORK because we are going to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

        When Qala voted 85% against they knew what they were doing..

      • Craig says:

        Get real, r u saying they now want 2 hotels down there, even though Muscat says he doesn’t even want one?!! They just want residential units down there which will DRIVE AWAY tourists in droves – can’t you understand that? The place already attracts tourists in droves, in the summer the beach is packed, and there are 100’s of cars down there.

        As to demonizing the place as being covered in tar and rubbish – do u ever go there? I swam every day last summer, and saw just 2 light oil spills which broke up and dissappeared when touched, and didn’t coat any rocks. And the beach cleaners do a great job every morning cleaning the beach of rubbish.

    15. Mario says:

      @ Ms.Jenna Portelli

      You are saying that Malta should get out of the EU because of Hondoq ?????

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