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Bad weather forces cancellation of Charity skydive in Sicily

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Bad weather forces cancellation of Charity skydive in SicilyDear Editor, “I would like to thank the kind persons for their donations which I assume they came to know about our Mission in Peru from the Gozo News.

Unfortunately although we went as planned to take part in the skydiving in Italy, the inclement weather prevented us from actually making the jump.

A group of eight of us crossed the Sicilian channel with Juan De La Valette; of Virtu Ferries. We drove to a small airfield there and the organizer, Gaetano, informed us that the wind was too strong and told us jokingly that we might end up parachuting into the Vatican

So instead we drove around and watched the Palm Sunday Mass, Our lady of Sorrows procession, and also the ‘Festa del Gelato’ where you can buy a very good Italian ice-cream for just one Euro…

I would like to express my gratitude to Virtu Ferries for their sponsorship, We left our car parked at their terminal, from where we proceeded to Cirkewwa and had a nice nap whilst waiting for the 12.15am ferry, which was a very welcome sight indeed, for it was to take us to our last destination… our beds in Gozo.

My friends were very concerned for my life and I think it was their prayers which caused brother wind to work overtime last Sunday, as one friend commented: “You do not have to put your life in danger for us to donate to your Mission.”

Skydiving is I think something for the few, and I guess before I hit what is called old age I wanted to do it.

God bless you all and may you have a Holy Easter.

Fr Anthony Zammit

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