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Diamond Jubilee of San Lawrenz Catholic Action Movement

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Diamond Jubilee of Catholic Action Movement in San LawrenzThe 75th anniversary of the Catholic Action Movement in the parish of San Lawrenz is being commemorated through a series of activities, culminating in a Diocesan celebration on Saturday the 27th of April.

The Bishop of Gozo, Mgr Mario Grech, will be celebrating a pontifical mass at 7.00pm, and he will be joined by representatives from the other centres around Gozo.

The first Ecclesiastical Assistant at the centre, Dun Guzepp Cauchi, will be rememembered as well, including the launch of a booklet with a selection of lessons he wrote for meetings, The celebrations will conclude at his home, which is now now a museum of his life.

Dun Guzepp Cauchi gave a lot to the village community of San Lawrenz, Gozo. He led an exemplary life of humanity and suffering, of a strong faith in the Eucharist and in Divine Providence. He also freely gave advice to all of those who sought him.

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