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Spring Hunting: “End the hunting season now” – AD

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Spring Hunting: “End the hunting season now” - ADReaffirming its position against spring hunting, Alternattiva Demokratika has strongly voiced its concerns on the widespread bird slaughter occurring during the current spring hunting season.

Simon Galea spokesperson for Agriculture and Animal Welfare said, “The Birds Directive is not being observed and irresponsible hunters are being provided with an excuse to shoot at anything.

“Although it is a known fact that illegal hunting is rampant in Malta, the government still implements a derogation because of a supposed “guarantee” that these same hunters will abide by the law.

“To add insult to injury a fee of 50 Euros and the compulsory wearing of an arm band have been wavered, thus making it easier for poachers to break the law. The end result is a widespread massacre of protected bird species including birds of prey as well as hunting in Natura 2000 sites by hooded individuals.”

Simon Galea concluded, “The government is ignoring the writing on the wall with Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes refusing to acknowledge this sad reality. AD urges the government to immediately close the spring hunting season and to stop the farce of spring hunting. We also call for much stronger enforcement as from the autumn hunting season.”

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    7 Responses

    1. Bettina Thiel says:

      Today i found a hawk killed by a hunter on the street. Smashed by cars now. This is the end of a wonderful creature. Why hunting?In the past people hunted because need meat for food. But now there is now circumstances to kill animals. So why also hunting? All for fun or profit. These people are murders and everybody has to see this.

    2. Sabine Ferguson says:

      STOP this savage nonsense RIGHT NOW.

    3. Walter Sultana says:

      Why can’t you People enjoy these birds by just looking at them Flying ?, They are so Beautiful and Harmless to anybody . No wonder Why Malta and Gozo have no birds left .. Why these people have to be so Cruel to these Beautiful Birds . ? Hope Europe will Teach the Maltese Government once for Good ,And make them stop all the hunting Once for ever . Once there is no more Hunting ,People will enjoy more The Beautiful Nature ,by seeing these Birds NESTING in your Gardens . … Have A HEART And let these Birds live in Peace … Gozitan from Xaghra .

    4. Sabine Ferguson says:

      We wonder, people from the island and those visiting Gozo * :
      What do these brave hunters do the rest of the year?
      Do they have any taste for life?
      Are they just brain-dead??
      When the last bird is killed, what are they going to do with themselves?
      Well, they can start doing IT NOW. (whatever that might be…and if it is within the law)
      * A group of tourists from Russia found the nets used by the brave and proud hunters to trap the birds… Their feelings: horror and disgust. And disbelief “Is THIS legal?”
      Well is it ?

    5. Walter Sultana says:

      Walter I could not agree with you any better SABINE FERGUSON .You hit the Nail right on the Head .But what makes me wonder is, Malta and Gozo are so Religious and Church goers People SO THEY THINK , ,and Yet the Church leaders keep their mouth SHUT about this KILLINGS of these INICENT BIRDS … I say SHAME on them for not PROTESTING against this kind of CRUELTY . ANIMALS and BIRDS were created from GOD also, therefore they should be Protected same as People . GOZITAN

    6. John Rapa says:

      I agree with you totally Walter

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