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Xaghra Local Council meeting being held this Tuesday

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Xaghra Local Council meeting being held this coming TuesdayThe Xaghra Local Council will be holding its next Council meeting, this coming Tuesday the 23rd of July, starting at 5.30pm at the Xaghra Local Council’s administrative offices.

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

Opening prayer

Reading and approval of Council minutes

Approval of the quarterly report for April-June 2013

Mayor’s communications including the construction of the new civic centre, the project ‘Network of Leisure Parks in Xaghra’, the organisation of the activities ‘Summer Nights’, the concert by Tribali in August, the temporary permits for food kiosks during the village feast, closure of streets during the village feast, quotation for street cleaning during the village feast, the organisation of the figs festival in October 2013, the organisation of the annual Christmas concert, the welcome monument in Xaghra, adjudication of tenders related to the asphalting of Marsalforn Road, the tender of concrete supply in Xaghra, the cleaning of an alley in Ghajn Barrani Street and other matters;

Reading of correspondence

Complaints by the residents

Approval of payments and

Date for another Council meeting.

As in every council meeting, the public is invited to attend.

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    3 Responses

    1. Gertrude Isabel Formosa says:

      On the way down from Xaghra towards Marsalforn passing by Ta Frenc, but before coming to Ta Frenc, I noticed that there are fields without retaining walls and all the soil is being lost, a real pity! Another thing I noticed that there were too many stones in the way but there were some men with machinery removing them. When one passes Ta Frenc and is trying to get into the main road towards Marsalforn there used to be a mirror but it has been removed and it has become difficult to drive out of this junction. Another thing which has become very dangerous is the haphazard parking when there are weddings. No one seems to bother how parking is done thus making passage through this street very difficult and dangerous.I also hope that this street is seen to as the humps and the caving ins are dangerous to drivers and to add to this the bamboo is obstructing the street.I hope the Xaghra Council sees to these problems. I thank you for your support and enthusiasm to embellish Xaghra.

    2. Belinda green says:

      I would like to add to your comment Gertrude, Mgarr road from Rexy restaurant to Xatt used to be a nice footpath to walk on but for the last two months the footpath has been covered with rocks, some as big as two foot square. The rocks fell of the embankment and that’s the start of a land slide and if nothing gets done someone will be injured or killed pretty soon. A lot of tourists and the local people walk down to Xatt from Ghajnsielem everyday.

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