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Zminijietna calls for scientific studies on local plans revision

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Zminijietna calls for scientific studies on local plans revision“Revision of local plans should guarantee environment sustainability with regards the use of land and development,” said Zminijietna – Voice of the Left. “The revision of local plans should not lead to unsustainable development.”

Zminijietna stressed “the need for various scientific studies before a revision in local plans is implemented. Sociological, economic, ecological, and agricultural, among others should be carried out.Other important issues such as solar rights, land reclamation, and others must not be ignored in this process. The regional aspect of local plans should also be retained.”

“Any review of local plans not based on scientific studies cannot be holistic and fair. In fact several areas included for development in the local plans of 2006, including those in Mosta, Mgarr, Sliema and Gharghur will lead to further unnecessary building development and the destroying of the local characteristic evironment. Latest national statistics on property shows that the amount of vacant property reached 72,000 or 33% of all property built in Malta.”

Zminijietna said that it appeals not only for the extension of the consultation period as several other environmental organizations are proposing, but before anything, scientific studies should be conducted in relation to this. “If not, it means that the supposed reform changes to MEPA are only cosmetic.”

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