Work at San Blas is to clear beach of algae- Gozo Ministry

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Cleaning Of Bay Of San Blas

Work at San Blas is to clear beach of algae- Gozo MinistryUpdate: The Ministry for Gozo said in a statement this afternoon that it wishes to make it clear that the works being carried out on the beach in San Blas Bay, Gozo, is to clear the large amount of algae from the sand which came ashore in a recent storm.

“This cleaning was done to the beach, so that it can continue to be enjoyed by the many foreign and domestic tourists that visit Gozo during the summer season.”

The Ministry said that it it now coordinating with MEPA over the completion of this week.

“All the work that was also carried out at Ramla, was done with the required MEPA permit and was in line with work that had been carried out in previous years. “he GAIA Foundation also supported the work done at Ramla,” the Ministry concluded.

Update – PN’s statement

In its statement this evening the Nationalist Party said that the Ministry for the Gozo “will be held responsible for the environmental damage in Gozo.”

The PN said that the Ministry took the decision to use heavy machinery for the clean-up operation at San Blas without authorisation from MEPA.

The PN said that this is the second time that the Labour Government has caused damage to the environment in Gozo, following the use of machinery to clean Ramla beach of pebbles a few weeks ago.

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    4 Responses

    1. Mr Brightside says:

      Can the ministry use their heavy machinery to remove the stalls of the illegal vendors on the beach as well?

    2. Dietmar Treptow says:

      What exactly is the damage ?

    3. Gozoboy says:

      Mr Brightside as far as i know there are no illegal venders on or by the beach, the only other vender has full permits to operate, and why shouldn’t there be stall were you can buy drinks? It’s more convienient than to carry all the staff downhill and carry back all the empties uphill and maybe you know how uphill it is. And
      Ms Treptow you’re right what’s the damage?

    4. Gozoboy says:

      How come Ghadira Bay and the rest of Malta don’t have such problems as this. I know for sure that these bays are pebble less (unlike Ramla Bay) and seaweed free on a daily basis.

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