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24 local NGOs share €446,000 through Government grants

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24 local NGOs share €446,000 through Government grantsThe Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, Dr Helena Dalli, distributed €446,000 in grants to 24 local non-governmental organisations.

These funds were made available through the Government’s NGO Fund, which is intended to assist these organisations in the execution of their services, as well as to improve their services.

Dr Dalli said that the Government will be distributing over €3 million throughout this year. She said that with the funds that were allocated in the budget for this year by the previous government, a number of organisations would receive less than what they received last year. Therefore, the Government decided to increase the amount allocated to this fund so that organisations applying for funds will not receive less than what they received the year.

Minister Dalli said that the adjustment to the NGO Fund was made after the Government consulted with representatives of the organisations that were affected by the reduction.

The Minister said that these funds are essential for organisations working vigorously to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people and those who need assistance.

Dr Dalli also spoke about the role of the voluntary sector in our country. She said that the determination and dedication of the people who perform this type of work are of great importance to the strengthening of human dignity.

Among the organisations receiving funds there were those who work with disabled people, those who work with victims of domestic violence, those who work with people with illnesses, and organisations working with families and individuals experiencing various social problems, including drug addicts.

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