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KSU “condemns the recent shooting of a flamingo in Gozo”

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KSU "condemns the recent shooting of a flamingo in Gozo"Kaccaturi San Ubertu (KSU) said that it unreservedly condemns the recent shooting of a flamingo in Gozo.”

KSU said that the “perpetrators can only be considered as delinquents and certainly not as hunters.”

It said that it “strongly urges that, if found guilty, then they should be stripped of their hunting licences for life, the weapon used in the crime confiscated, the highest fines imposed on them as applicable by the law and jail time if they are relapsers.”

KSU pointed out that over a month ago, “the Commissioner of Police reported he was waiting for the result of a forensic test before taking further action in the case of the Salina flamingo. Is the Commissioner not yet in a position to act on that 3-month old crime?”

KSU concluded by saying that it welcomes the recent announcement by the government regarding the increased enforcement and harsher punishments and once again reiterates that the proposed Wildlife Crime Unit should be set up without further delay.

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    1. Walter Sultana says:

      Walter I can’t wait to hear the charges, on those three Idiots that killed this beautiful FLMINGO.. I like to examine their HEAD .. GOZITAN

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