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Joey is a loving young dog who will ” steal your heart”

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Joey is a loving young dog who will " steal your heart"Joey is a resident at the Gozo SPCA Rehoming Centre in Victoria, he is a male Pointer X, about 12 months old and was found at Hondoq where he had been living ‘rough’ for a while.

The Gozo SPCA would really love him to find his own forever home, Joey had such a hard start to his young life and he needs a special somebody to take them into their heart and their home so that he can have a second chance.

Joey has just returned to the Centre after a lovely holiday with the Debono family and although you’ve read about Joey before, this is what they had to say about him – “Joey is on my mind….he is definitely a country dog and needs a very loving owner who can be patient with him… Joey gave me so much love more than I could ever imagine…he stole my heart ….if only I didn’t live in the big city.

“He enjoyed his free runs in the fields and was in his element. His enthusiastic greetings and his quick obedience …he is perfect for a family who live in a rural setting and will be able to give him lots of hugs.

“He does not like large crowds of people on the streets, when Joey was alone in the house without other dogs he was a bit anxious with visitors. However, when we had the other dogs he was less anxious with newcomers in the house and at the beach it was as if he was saying to himself ‘ah look they like the dogs so let me get some petting as well’ and he would walk up to the visitors.

Joey loves going to Xatt Ahmar to go swimming and running up the hills of Chambray and going for long walks. He wanders away but returns with no problem as he always looks for his owner.

“He is amazingly athletic and I have seen him jump over four feet high walls like a racehorse.

He is so full of personality and I want to stress to his future owners not to be discouraged by his weariness in the beginning, he will love you in just a few days and he will steal your heart.”

Joey has been vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and is ready to share lots of love and fun in a new forever home.

If anybody thinks that they can help with a home for Joey, or any of the other animals at the Gozo SPCA centre, then please email You can also contact them on 21553769 and 99475199 or visit their website at: of the Gozo SPCA facebook page.

Any of the animals can be reserved for rehoming and a gallery is available which features many of the dogs and cats that are currently in need of new homes.

Our previously published items on Gozo SPCA animals who are waiting for adoption can also be viewed in our Adopt a Pet section.

Another way to help Gozo SPCA is by making a donation. It now has SMS donation numbers for Vodafone, Melita and GO. To make a donation, please send an SMS to one of the following numbers – your account will be debited with the amount listed

€1.16 – 50616116

€2.33 – 50617375

€4.66 – 50618061

€6.99 – 50618904

€11.65 – 50619204.

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