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Coalition against spring hunting urges public to sign petition

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Coalition against spring hunting urges public to sign petitionThe Coalition for the Abolition of Spring Hunting said today that “following an incredible level of interest from the public it is urging Maltese voters to sign the petition to call for a referendum for abolition and to help gather signatures from their friends and family too.”

The Coalition Members are: Alternattiva Demokratika, Birdlife Malta, Coalition for Animal Rights, Din l-Art Helwa, Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar, Friends of the Earth Malta, Gaia Foundation, Greenhouse Malta, International Animal Rescue Malta, Malta Organic Agriculture Movement (MOAM). Moviment Graffiti, Nature Trust, Ramblers Association of Malta

Coalition Spokesperson Chris Debono said, “Since we bagan collecting signatures in August, we have been regularly asked by people what they can do to help. People who can vote in Maltese general elections can sign the petition themselves and anyone who lives on Malta can get a copy of the petition to ask eligible friends and family to sign too.”

The petition must be signed by hand and the details provided must exactly match the details on individual identity cards to count towards the more than 34,000 signatures needed to bring about the referendum. Chris added, “If anyone wants to help us gather signatures, they must ensure that the details provided exactly match the identity card because this is where people are eligible to vote and so will be on the electoral register. We can provide simple instructions that explain exactly what to do.”

The petition is calling for an abrogative referendum to remove the legislation that allows spring hunting. The petition cannot be signed online, it must be signed by hand using the petition forms that the coalition has prepared. 10% of the Maltese electorate (that can vote in a general election) must sign the petition with details as printed on their id card for the referendum to be allowable – about 34,500 people.

The thirteen organisations that now make up the Coalition have been issuing copies of the petition to their members and supporters but the drive to achieve the more than 34,000 signatures to achieve a referendum is now entering a new phase.

Chris added, “Now that the August holiday period is over, we are urging people to get a copy of the petition and get it filled in and sent back to us quickly so we can make the referendum that so many people are demanding take place.”

Copies of the petition can be obtained by emailing or contacting any of the Coalition member organisations.

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