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New IVF treatment is slammed as discriminatory by AD

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New IVF treatment is slammed as discriminatory by ADIn light of the tendering process started by the government in connection with IVF, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green party reiterated its position that IVF treatment “should be offered to anyone who needs it without discrimination.”

“The law as it stands discriminates against couples of the same sex and against those who would like to have children but are not married or in a stable heterosexual relationship,” AD said.

AD-LGBT spokesperson Angele Deguara urged the Government to revise the law in order to ensure a more egalitarian and just IVF service to all those who need it.

“The State should not act as judge and jury regarding who deserves to receive fertility treatment or not. Lesbian persons and couples are automatically disqualified from receiving fertility treatment on the basis of their sexual orientation while the criminalisation of egg and sperm donation means that many other individuals and couples will be denied the opportunity to become parents,” Angele Deguara concluded.

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