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GTA “strongly condemns” vandalism of the Qbajjar Battery

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GTA "strongly condemns" vandalism of the Qbajjar BatteryThe Gozo Tourism Association said that it strongly condemns the acts of vandalism carried out by irresponsible individual/s on the Qbajjar Battery. This building was vandalised through the painting of graffiti and breaking of windows.

The GTA said that it “acknowledges the efforts being done by the Ministry for Tourism, the Malta Tourism Authority and the Ministry for Gozo, in order to attract further tourists to Gozo. Therefore it is deplorable that such an act of vandalism is giving a bad name to our island.”

The GTA added that it “would like to encourage the Gozitans to take more care of the island’s heritage, while the Association hopes that the competent authorities take the necessary actions to remedy the damage done.”

“Furthermore these historical places are to be restored and renovated and opened up to the general public as tourist attractions, in order to enhance the Gozitan tourism product,” the GTA concluded.

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    5 Responses

    1. lesley gail kreupl says:

      These ignorant imbeciles should be tarred and feathered or worse. If I wrote what I really think should be done to them it wouldn’t be printed. I leave it to your imagination!

    2. James A. Tyrrell says:

      It’s starting to look as if Malta and Gozo are fed up with tourists and are trying everything to keep them away. People don’t spend good money to be confronted with empty half completed buildings, graffiti, construction work everywhere, countryside used as a dump, shotgun blasts at all hours of the day etc. Then to top it all we get screwed on public transport by being charged extra just for being a tourist and of course we get screwed in every cafe and restaurant we enter because we get charged double what a local would pay. Malta is the only country I have ever been to where tourists are treated in this way. Perhaps it’s time Malta woke up and asked the question, what would we do without the income from tourists?

    3. Walter Sultana says:

      Walter To James A Tyrell I disagree with you James on certain point .These people GRAFFITI are every where in the world ,not only in Malta or Gozo , I live in Toronto Canada and they have the same problems with them .. . But speaking of Tourists over charged in certain places I must agree with you . tourists should always ask for the price first, before ordering ,,. This way you know what you paying for what you ordering . .. Gozitan

    4. James A. Tyrrell says:

      I agree Walter that graffiti is found everywhere in the world but surely that doesn’t mean that Gozo or Malta should accept it so as to fit in with the rest of the world.

      As for asking for prices I shouldn’t have to do that. If I go to a local cafe right now in my own town the basic prices are displayed in the window before I even go in. And we certainly don’t charge tourists extra because they speak differently!

    5. Rosabelle Pavia says:

      It was a relief today to hear that Wirt Ghawdex is to join forces with the Ministry for Gozo re The Qbajjar battery and Calypso Cave. If they are restored so lovingly and faithfully as Santa Cecilia Chapel and the dghajsa tal-Latini were, we’ll end up with beautiful treasures worth visiting by our tourists. We need to support such worthy NGO’s!

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