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Blood donation sessions in Gozo to be increased to 2 Sundays a month

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Blood donation sessions in Gozo to be increased to 2 Sundays a monthIn a statement this afternoon by the Ministry for Health, it said that the National Blood Transfusion Service has been operating a donation centre in Gozo within the Hospital for a number of years. “In fact approximately 10% of all the blood donated in the Maltese Islands is donated by donors in Gozo.”

“Activity figures show that the average number of donors attending over a six day week is just 3 or 4 donors per day, while on Sunday sessions which are presently held once every month the number of donors attending is approximately 50 or more. It is evidently clear that blood donors in Gozo prefer to attend on Sundays,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry added that “we have embarked on a project whereby blood donation services would be delivered from a new site in Gozo. The present facility has been earmarked for further initiatives of health care services in Gozo.”

“In view of the above the blood donation sessions at Gozo General Hospital are going to be increased to two per month on alternate Sundays at the outpatients department, thus doubling the frequency of the sessions on the day on which most donors are comfortable to attend. However the daily sessions will no longer be held for this interim period until the new premises are opened,” the Ministry said.

Extra donation sessions may be considered according to donors’ requirements.

These changes will take effect as from the 1st of November 2013. The National Blood Transfusion Service will inform all blood donors from Gozo and the general public on the dates that the donation team will be in Gozo.

The Ministry concluded, “while we thank all Gozitan blood donors for their unfailing commitment and help in saving lives we hope that this temporary arrangement, will improve accessibility to our donors.”

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