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20 Gozitans included in 91 new AFM gunner recruits & bandsmen

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20 Gozitans included in 91 new AFM gunner recruits & bandsmenFollowing a call for enlistment of gunner recruits and bandsmen with the Armed Forces of Malta under Scheme B as published in the Government Gazette last year, 91 recruits including 20 Gozitans and 8 Females will now embark on a twelve week recruitment training course.

Originally over three hundred sixty applied to join the service but 91 managed to surpass the stipulated selection and filtering process consisting of a physical fitness assessment, a motivational interview and a complete medical examination.

These young men and women presented themselves at the gates of Luqa Barracks at 0700hrs sharp on Monday 21st October 2013. Soon after a brief presentation by AFM Officers, they took their oath of allegiance to the People and the State of Malta and its Constitution.

Despite such an early wake up call, it was evident that the new recruits were visibly eager to kick start their military career. Whilst different recruits may have differing expectations at the beginning of their military career, their instructors reported that all converged on one common point; their eagerness to serve under military discipline and to be of service.

All recruits are expected to attain the same standard upon completion of basic military training. The Training School within 4 Regiment runs all basic recruitment courses. It has a resident core team of instructors that is supplemented by additional instructors from the rest of the force.

New recruits are required to exceed minimum standards set at out at four or five week intervals in the three main pillars of basic soldiering, namely physical training, skill-at-arms and drill. Recruits are subjected to a rigorous physical training regime to prepare them for the demands of military life.

Their strength of character, team qualities, motivation and determination will be tested continually. All recruits are also required to adhere to strict rules of hygiene and order-of-dress. They will be extensively trained in weapon handling skills, marksmanship and ceremonial drill, first aid and map reading.

This training will be complimented by in the classroom on Military Law, International Humanitarian Law, Military Ethos, Radio Voice Procedure and other various life skills. Once the recruits achieve the required standards they will be called on to perform the formal Passing-Out Parade which will crown their transition from civilian to soldier. Ultimately, they will be posted to the various units of the AFM according to the exigencies of the Service whether on land at sea or in the air.

An ongoing call for the enlistment of Officer Cadets, Soldiers, Soldier Athletes and Bandsmen is currently underway.

For More information on the current call can be accessed on

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