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Green roof to be constructed on a University of Malta Faculty building

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Green roof to be constructed on a University of Malta Faculty buildingA green roof will be constructed in the near future over the building of the University of Malta’s Faculty for the Built Environment. Tests will be carried out to establish the potential that green roof technology has at mitigating environmental issues related to the urban environment and climate change.

The project will be looking at the insulation properties of green roofs and how they can reduce the carbon footprint of buildings (through a drop in energy consumption for air conditioners) and storm water management- how green roofs can mitigate local flooding.

In addition the project will identify and test native plants which are able to survive in a green roof environment. This is important to reduce maintenance and increase the biological value of green roofs.

On Friday the University of Malta through the Faculty for the Built Environment, officially launched the LifeMedGreenRoof Project at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The LifeMedGreenRoof project is partially funded by the European Union through the LIFE+ programme.

Locally the Building Industry Consultative Council (BICC) and the University itself will be contributing toward the rest of the costs.

The aims of the project are to demonstrate to the public, private and governmental institutions, the benefits that green roofs have on the quality of life in urban areas.

To date very little research has been carried out on green roofs in a local context and this project is another step towards creating more sustainable urban environments locally.

The University of Malta will be working closely with three other beneficiaries. These include the MCCAA (the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority) which will be responsible for the drafting of a green roof standard for Malta, and two Italian institutions; Fondazione Minoprio (FM) and Minoprio Analisi e Certificazioni S.r.l (MAC).

The former is an academic body specialising in horticulture, and nursery production. It has participated in various research activities including green roofs. MAC, on the other hand is an agricultural and research laboratory and specializes in fields related to soil quality, fertilizers, irrigation water and green roofs.

FM will also be constructing a green roof within its campus for demonstration and research purposes very similar to the Maltese case.

The green roof constructed on the building of the Faculty for the Built Environment will be used for demonstration purposes and to test the various aspects of the technology.

The green roof is expected to be constructed within the next year and will be open to visits by schools, institutions and the general public by appointment. The project will run for the next four years until July 2017.

For more information about the project or to contribute in one way or another kindly contact the project manager on

Photographs – Urban heat graph on the island, smog over Hamrun and a green roof in Paris.

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    1. Dietmar Treptow says:

      8 years ago , i remember , i offered this idea the old Government .
      Finally all my ideas comes true – but i am not happy .
      It was my business 🙁

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