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‘My Ryanair’ customer registration service goes live on website

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'My Ryanair' customer registration service goes live on websiteRyanair has announced that its “My Ryanair” customer registration service is now live on the website. the airline ssid that all Ryanair customers can now create their own personal profile and securely store their personal details online, which will help them to make faster bookings and check-in quicker online via the website.

Ryanair said this is its latest customer service improvement and follows:

· the new website (17 to 5 clicks to book)

· 24 hour grace periods (for minor booking errors)

· “quiet flights” (pre-8am and post-9pm)

· free small 2nd carry-on bag

· reduced airport bag fees (from 3rd January)

· allocated seating on all flights from 1st Feb next

“Customers who sign up for “My Ryanair” will be able to access new business and family services when they are launched in spring 2014, followed by Ryanair’s new mobile app and tailored country-specific websites.”

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said, “Ryanair is delighted to launch our ‘My Ryanair’ customer registration service on the website, allowing our customers to securely store their personal details online which will ensure speedier bookings and check-in services, as well as future access to our business and family products currently in development.”

He added, “over 10,000 customers have already availed of the service since it was launched. We wish all of our customers a very happy Christmas and look forward to rolling out further improvements in the New Year.”

Sign up for My Ryanair here.

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    4 Responses

    1. Barbara Skaife says:

      Shame that “My Ryanair” does not work I have tried to register for 3 days without any success todate

    2. Paul Byrne says:

      Yes I tried this registration process and it didn’t work either. Its surprising they have not fixed it or taken it down as it wastes time.

    3. Paul Byrne says:

      Just discovered it only works with firefox. In fact it seems generally Ryanair only works well with Firefox as with IE it won’t even accept the departure date on the first page. Looks like Ryanair have been cutting back hard on the new website investment getting cheap inexperienced people to develop it.

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        I would say that the opposite is true and Ryanair have realised what a useless piece of rubbish IE is and switched along with most sensible people to Firefox.

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