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Swimming Pool needed in Gozo for locals as well as tourism – Otters

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Swimming Pool needed in Gozo for locals as well as tourism - OttersIn view of the recent comments on a Swimming Pool in Gozo, the committee of Otters Aquatic Sports Club has said that it is pleased to note that a number of entities, personalities and individuals have publicly acknowledged the need and the benefits of a pool in Gozo.

The Sports Club added that this is “a project which, apart from catering for the needs of the Gozo residents and Maltese and foreign visitors (families, youth and the aged), should serve to enhance the local tourism scene by attracting foreign swimming and waterpolo clubs.”

“The Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo, said recently that he has embarked on the process of researching ways of submitting an application for funds from the European Union, so that alternative energy would be the main source of heating the pool. This would ensure that the running costs are kept as low as possible,” The Otters Club said.

The National Pool at Tal-Qroqq has been operating since 1993. Since then a few other pools have been built or refurbished on mainland Malta. Otters Aquatic Sports Club added that it feels that it is Gozo’s turn to witness the construction of a pool which has been promised for so many years.

The committee concluded by saying that it would like to publicly thanks all those who have expressed themselves in favour of this pool.

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    11 Responses

    1. Bob Kent says:

      If you truly wish to reduce the cost of running the pool there in Gozo. Use Zeoclere30 filter medium – It saved – with proof… £10,000 a year over sand medium.

      Send me your filter sixes and how many – .information and we will quote you a sporty price.

    2. George Palmer says:

      Gozo needs an open air swimming pool with restaurant, bar and other facilities. I see how this works in Germany and it is so successful.

    3. Carmel says:

      Gozo still lacks public aquatic sports facilities and that the lack of development of sports facilities in Gozo is another sign that we Gozitans are not treated as equals to our Maltese counterparts.
      One national swimming pool already exists in Malta, together with another two covered and heated pools; hence I believe that Gozitans deserve an indoor heated pool. It would be ideal if the pool and aquatic sports facilities form part of the Gozo College and the existing sports complex in Victoria.
      Gozo deserves the construction and development of a common Olympic standard heated pool, to be used both in winter and summer.

      Such pool should also be available to all clubs, schools the general public and as a tourist facility.

    4. Eliza says:

      Whats with all the talks of pools. mountain bikers, hiking etc. Stop trying to change Gozo. Alot of us like it the way Gozo used to be. If you don’t like the way things are in Gozo or if you feel its not modern enough, leave and select a country that has what your looking for

      • Jens.Hörnicke says:

        Yes right Gozo is the last Paradise in Europa (Let its be so)

      • Salvu tax Xaghra says:

        Thobb ill p;resepji qalbi. Nahseb ahjar tinalaq ma tal klawsura. Kif jista jkun twaqaf ill progress. Se ntik ezempju, xinhu l-ahjar lampa u fridge tal pitrolju, li jien niftakar qisu l bierah. Jew bozza u fridge tal eletric!!! Ghz zaghzah tal lum ahjar sports mil murtali u festili jdejqu d-dinja bl-accidenti u mwiet.


    5. Peter says:

      Eliza where do you think that Gozo is, in the middle of Afghanistan ?
      When did you last visit Gozo, during the second world war ?
      What do you mean by saying ? ‘ Whats with all the talks of pools. mountain bikers, hiking etc ‘
      Do you want to ban us Gozitans from practice those different sports in Gozo?

    6. Eliza says:

      Its a shame that most people care more about profit than the well being of the environment. Read the article which is available online: How safe is your indoor swimming pool?

      • Salvu tax Xaghra says:

        What so shameful about walking, hiking, swimming, bike riding. Is it not all about keeping physically and mentally healthy. and all this does not cost a cent.

        With a bit of common sense a swimming pool can be safer then your bathroom. We have an Olympic size pool in every municipality down my neck of the woods. A sad story was on the news recently where a toddler drowned in six inches of water inside a bucket while his mother was mopping the floor!!


    7. Jens.Hörnicke says:

      Gozo is a Paradise

    8. Jens.Hörnicke says:

      I hope that Gozo never be like Mallorka etc.

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