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‘Gozo-Rocks-Green & Clean Hike’ needs your help and support

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'Gozo-Rocks-Green & Clean Hike' needs your help and supportThis Sunday we would like to appeal for as many of our readers as possible to join in the ‘Gozo-Rocks-Green & Clean Hike,’ which is going to be meeting in two places, either beside the Qala Local Council Offices as usual at 1.00pm, or beside the Xewkija Local Council Offices at 1.30pm.

Those attending will have transport kindly provided by Xewkija Local Council to take them from Qala to Xewkija, where the Clean and Green Hike will start out.

They will then hike through the countryside all the way over to the Sannat area where they will have transport, kindly provided by Sannat Local Council, waiting to take them back to Xewkija and Qala.

Anyone attending will need to wear a good pair of shoes or trainers for the hike and also bring 2 bottles of water and some food, other items such as protective gloves, bags and hand wipes will be provided.

Let’s all get together and clean up our countryside whilst getting some healthy exercise and having a lot of fun together along the way.

Along with Louis, the organiser of the hikes, Gozo news would like to say thank you to the Local Councils of Ghajnsielem, Xewkija and Sannat for helping to make this clean up campaign happen and we would like to urge the other Councils and the Ministry for Gozo to also start providing some much needed help and support.

We would also like to join Louis in urging the Minister of Gozo and eco-Gozo to invest in some signs to be put up throughout Gozo forbidding dumping or littering as well as enforcing the law and prosecuting anyone caught doing so.

The fact is that we all of us need to do something to help, for instance schools can encourage students to take an interest and particpate in the hikes, but in particular other Local Councils, the Ministry for Gozo and eco-Gozo, all of whom must already be well aware of the vast amount of littering and dumping which takes place every day around Gozo

If we all just help in any way that we can, we will soon make such a big difference to our environment, but we have to act now before it is too late, not only for our own sakes, but also for the sake of our children’s future, along with improving our already tarnished image with the international tourism industry.

For further information please contact Louis through the Gozo-Greyhounds facebook page, or email him on

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    2 Responses

    1. martin says:

      well done yet another club clearing up rubbish left by the good people of Gozo.I think this is the third club to get involved and it is a credit to all who take i have said in many other comments its a shame kids have to spend weekends clearing rubbish which adults dump.The builders rubbish is getting worse why dont they use tips that are provided! yes there problably is a cost but they should not been in the business if they have not got the money to get rid of waste,Please put up the signs with high fines for those who contiue to ruin the island.

      • says:

        The kids are all enjoying the Sunday Hikes and yes a lot of trash we are picking up but we are also Hiking for 4 hours and see the beautiful country side where they don’t even pass or walked on. It’s a lot of glass, bottles, papers, shells and other materials and that is what we are trying to clean up. Shame because the places that we cleaned up already trashy spatially by the Heliport new trash. Any way will keep marching and do our best. Take care and thank you

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