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Gozo School of Art participates in Grundtvig Programme ‘Be Unique’

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Gozo School of Art participates in Grundtvig Programme 'Be Unique'Encouraged by the excellent rating achieved, and the benefits acquired by its participation in a project taken under the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme, the Gozo School of Art Education Directorate LifeLong Learning is participating in a project under the Grundtvig Programme offered by the EUPA (European Union Programmes Agency) ‘Be Unique.’

‘Be Unique’ is about fabric painting and accessories. The project promotes the creation of local crafts. The need to adorn oneself has always been felt by the human being. Archaeologists have excavated some of the unique ornaments and embellished items used in everyday life.

The Gozo School of Art said that handcrafted artefacts reflected everyday life needs and were developed accordingly and with the available resources. Europe offers a huge variety of living conditions which influenced the development of many typical handcrafts.

“However the factual situation is that the mass production of non EU products lowers the standard and economic possibilities of European handcrafts. This has generated a stereotype effect, having the same artefact on sale in different European states.”

The School added that this is resulting in a “gradual fading of Europe’s culture in the areas of handcrafts. In order to bring to an end the disappearance of local and traditional identities, ‘Be Unique,’ is to research the diversity of European handcraft traditions and modern approach to display them and to work on possible developments for the future, while preserving each state’s identity.”

Workshops in Fabric Painting, Silver Filigree and Wood Apparel were conducted during the group’s visit to Malta.

Two cultural tours, one in Malta and one in Gozo were also organised. Teachers and students from the Gozo School of Art provided their personal vehicles for the Gozo cultural tour.

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