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Eligibility of EU expats living in Malta to vote in European Elections

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Eligibility of EU expats living in Malta to vote in European ElectionsEligible voters who will be issued with a voting document will be those persons whose name will appear in the forthcoming publication of the EU Electoral Register (April, 2014). Those non-Maltese EU citizens who are not registered in the last-published EU register (October, 2013) and who have not since applied, need to register by 31st March, 2014.

Non-Maltese EU citizens residing in the Maltese Islands who do not already hold a Malta ID card or Residence document may apply for registration in the European Parliament elections register by completing and submitting to the Electoral Commission the relevant application form together with two passport-size colour photographs and a copy of their valid passport or identification document.

The form may be downloaded here, or obtained either from the office of the Electoral Commission, Police Stations or local council offices.

The form then needs to be submitted to the Electoral Commission (at Evans Building, St. Elmo’s Place, Valletta), the Identity Card Office in Gozo (28A, St Francis Square, Rabat) or to a police officer in any police station in Malta and Gozo by the 31st March 2014.

One may also send the registration form by post. The number of non-Maltese EU residents who opted to vote in Malta to date is 7,391.

The closing date for receipt of these applications is 31st March, 2014.

Non-Maltese EU Citizens who opt to be registered to vote in Malta, for candidates standing for election in Malta, would be renouncing their right to vote in their home country in the same elections.

For a chance to get to know the candidates standing for election, please see here.

The European Commission has recently issued guidance to EU-Member States which have rules in place leading to a loss of voting rights for citizens in national elections, simply because they have exercised their right to free movement in the EU.

Enquiries may be made by phone on 21221994 (Gozo 21566187) or by email to

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    1. Mrs Catherine Cole says:

      Well, I went to St Julians police station to get a form because I was nearby and they didnt know what I was talking about!! They made a phone call to someone, dont know who, and just said they didnt have the forms and certainly hadnt been told about returning the completed forms. They were thoroughly unhelpful and quite rude. So I downloaded the form when I got home which was far simpler, but hard luck someone who isnt computer literate or hasnt access to a computer. I am determined to do this despite the lack of help but perhaps that is deliberate!!

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