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‘A sincere thank you for the Villa Rundle Gardens’ – Readers Letter

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A sincere thank you for the splendid Villa Rundle Gardens - Readers Letter“May I, through your letters page, say a sincere thank you to the Victoria City Council for the splendid Villa Rundle Gardens.

Although still in its refurbished infancy the planting is now well established and the seasonal flowers blooming. However, it does seem that the full use of the park is yet to be discovered.

I recommend that your readers take a stroll and if they happen to be in possession of a ‘performing’ ability the stage is set. Let’s see if – Gozo’s Got Talent.”

Chris Green,

San Lawrenz.

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    7 Responses

    1. Tony Nicholls says:

      Yes, an excellent feature for Victoria, but the attention given to it after the EU funding is a trifle haphazard. As we have so many tourists, it would also be nice if those responsible for signage can provide signs in English too, as well as a explanation how the garden developed. Or are we now following some PC version of history that will forbid us from knowing that Rundle was a former Governor of Malta, who also had had a stellar military career, and, like a lot of Englishmen, had a desire to set up gardens wherever they went?

    2. Mick Cundy says:

      We often stroll through here, it’s lovely. Especially a few weeks ago when the smell of the flowers was wonderful!!

    3. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Was in there a few times last year and I have to say they made a really great job of it. There were lots of families taking advantage of the area which will only increase as the gardens mature. Well done to the Victoria Council.

      • joseph mizzi says:

        I have been coming to Gozo a lot for the past twenty years ,and I haven’t
        seen this nice garden so clean and well kept with all kind of flower plants.
        I shell thanks Victoria council and the labor government because they are
        the one with the cash. To all concern KEEP UPP THE GOOD WORK.

      • Mick Cundy says:

        Politics again!! Interestingly though this was done in the days of the PN.

    4. Tamworthterry says:

      I never can understand why they don’t have a Sunday afternoon concert in there, after all how many Brass Bands are there in Gozo. And yes it certainly is a little of oasis of serenity in the town center to spend a little quiet time there.

    5. Penny White, England says:

      As a frequent visitor to Gozo,I always enjoy a visit to the Villa Rundle Gardens and seeing it.s development progress.Like your previous correspondent I think it would be a great idea to have concerts there on sunday afternoons during the summer.

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