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Health Dept denies reports of a suspected Ebola case at Gozo Hospital

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Health Dept denies reports of a suspected Ebola case at Gozo HospitalThe Health Department in a statement this evening said that it “denies absolutely the reports in some media that there was a suspected case of Ebola at the Gozo General Hospital.

“The case they are referring to is about a person who has not at any time in the last six months been abroad, or has considered to have been a suspected case of Ebola,” the Health Department said.

The Authorities called for a stop to what it described as “frivolous and premature alarm,” on a subject that is so serious.

A five-hour Ebola training drill was held on Friday, as part of a series of training drills that have been conducted for the past months at Mater Dei Hospital, the Health Department said.

These training sessions are aimed at evaluating and improving protocol at Mater Dei’s Infectious Disease Unit (IDU) for the eventual treatment of potential Ebola Virus Disease cases.

Nurses at the IDU practiced Standard Operating Procedures for Ebola scenarios. Training has been stepped up following the evaluation exercise held after October 3, when a patient was admitted with symptoms suspicious of Ebola.

The patient in fact was later found not to have Ebola but was suffering from malaria.

The Health Department said that additional headgear has been procured for health care workers in line with WHO best practices.

“For the past months, the Infectious Disease Unit has been proactive and has been carrying out Ebola Professional Training Drills followed by debriefing sessions where an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and areas in need of improvement is conducted.!

In the coming days Parliamentary Secretary for Health Chris Fearne will be in Brussels to take part in a Ministerial conference to assess and discuss the level of screening in Europe’s ports of entry. Mr Fearne will have the opportunity to highlight the steps that the country is taking in this regard, the Authorities said.

Mr Chris Fearne gave thanks to all the staff at the Infectious Control Unit and the A&E Department “for their valued collaboration and participation in this ongoing improvement process.”

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