Any juridical protests by MAM will not intimidate us, says Nurses Union

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Any juridical protests by MAM will not intimidate us, says Nurses UnionThe Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses has said today that it recently took an official stand on the red tape and increased paperwork which nurses have to pass through in order to get the tablets from pharmacy to be given to the patients.

“MUMN’s stand was that the treatment to patients will be affected if the pharmacist fails to give the necessary drugs to the ward due to the doctors’ responsibility of not filling the covering letter.”

The Union said that the fact that MAM opened a juridical protest “did not even waiver or effect MUMN’s stand in favour of its 3000 members its represents and such a stand was maintained unequivocally.”

“Covering letters are the responsibility of the consultants whom some of them, for one reason or another, do not complete these letters in time, with the result that nurses and midwives end up chasing the same consultants to procure the necessary tablets for the patients. This chasing has to stop,” the Union said.

“After a series of discussions with the Health Department, it was agreed that whenever a consultant fails to fill any covering letter, any nurse is to inform the management of one’s respective hospital being Mater Dei hospital, St. Vincent De Paul Hospital, Gozo General hospital, Mt. Carmel Hospital etc.”

MUMN stated that “the management will take full responsibility for consultants to sign the covering letters and will be taking disciplinary actions on any consultant who fails to fill the covering letter with the result that the patient will miss any treatment.”

MUMN added that it has been informed in writing that the management would take responsibility for any treatment not given due to the failure of the consultant not filling the covering letter.

Such agreement suited the MUMN it said, “since all responsibility and all chasing is now transferred to the management by one phone call.”

“This is the only hospital in Europe to have a hospital management accepting to chase consultants instead of having a pharmacist stocking the wards which is the normal practice in all hospitals,”

MUMN thanked the Health Minister Dr. Konrad Mizzi for the agreement.

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