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Maghna fil-Milied: Special Christmas cards crafted by persons with disabilities

Maghna fil-Milied: Special Christmas cards crafted by persons with disabilitiesThe Parliamentary Secretariat for the Rights of the Persons with Disability and Active Ageing, in collaboration with Agenzija Sapport, with the aim to continue the promotion of the various special abilities of persons with disabilities, has come up with a scheme with a difference, linked with the Christmas festivities.

The idea is for the public to have the opportunity to purchase beautiful Christmas cards produced by persons with intellectual disabilities that attend Day Centres for Persons with Disabilities in the Maltese islands. The cards are all hand-made, therefore crafted with high dedication and specialisation.

These Christmas cards will be sold for €1.25 each or €2.50 for every three. The money raised will be used to fund further similar activities in these Day Centres. The aim of this initiative is that this Christmas, will turn out to be a very special one for these people with disability who make these cards.

Therefore, whoever is interested in buying and make use of these Christmas cards, will be giving these people an extra Christmas present and will also be encouraging them to continue believing in their own abilities, the Secretariat said.

In the Day Centres run by Agenzija Sapport, persons with intellectual disability are engaged in different sorts of works involving art and crafts. Some of the Centres decorate their premises with the decorations that have been hand-crafted during the time the participants spend in the centre.

The members prepare crafts that include cribs, Christmas trees and angelic figures produced with papier mache. In certain cases a joint exhibition with other centres is also held, as a celebration of the work done in these centres. Certain crafts are also sold in various bazaars held in different localities.

If you would like a chance to purchase these extra special Christmas cards, then please contact the Parliamentary Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing on 25903175 or access the website http://www.activeageing.gov.mt/ [1]

This yea these cards will be produced by the members of the Day Centres in Mtarfa, Swatar, Wied il-Ghajn, Hal Far, Cospicua and Cottonera.

The Parliamentary Secretary Dr Justyne Caruana thanked all the staff for their dedication to those that attend the Centres, as well as thanking the prospective purchasers of these Christmas cards.

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