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Bus shelter campaign: Violence knows no gender, sexual orientation and age

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Bus shelter campaign: Violence knows no gender, sexual orientation and ageThe Commission on Domestic Violence, together with Men Against Violence, and Rainbow Support Service are launching a ‘bus shelter poster campaign’ with the theme ‘Violence knows no gender, sexual orientation and age.’

This campaign was launched on the 17th November and will continue until the 26th of November in Malta, and from the 23rd November till the 2nd December in Gozo.

The launch is aimed at coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, being on the 25th of November.

Although the prevalence of persons experiencing domestic violence is that of women, domestic violence can affect everyone. The focus of this awareness raising campaign is that domestic violence does affect persons irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation and age. Therefore, this campaign calls the general public, especially those persons who are experiencing domestic violence to take a stand and say no to domestic violence.

Five different bus shelter posters will be expressing the different realities of domestic violence perpetrated within different types of relationships. Forms of domestic violence include emotional and psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, when a person is held against one’s will, as well as harassment and stalking.

This can happen within intimate relationships of any sexual orientation and age, within parent and adult child relationships, as well as between adult siblings. Furthermore, among victims of domestic violence one can also find cases of abuse on elderly people, thus the emphasise that domestic violence knows no age.

The joint initiative composed by different entities exemplifies that together as a society we can join forces in an effort to combat and prevent domestic violence.

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