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‘Trees Talk’ with consultant arborist Ian Lansley & Antoine Gatt, a landscape architect

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'Trees Talk' with consultant arborist Ian Lansley & Antoine Gatt a landscape architectFlimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar (FAA) has set up a Tree Group in order to foster and promote respect for trees and raise public conscience about the impact of their destruction.

As part of its remit, the FAA Tree Group seeks to make the public aware of the very real benefits that trees contribute to the public’s physical and mental health and well-being.

It has cooperated with the Hub for Ethnobotanical Research which forms part of the President’s Foundation for the Well-Being of Society, to present a seminar on the care of trees in the community.

Ian Lansely is a professional consultant arborist and international lecturer on forestry, arboriculture and ecology. In his role as tree care manager, properties falling under his management include Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Marlborough House, Hampton Court and the Tower Of London.

A regular visitor to Malta, Mr. Lansley has expressed concern at the poor tree care being practiced in Malta and will be giving information to encourage the greening of Malta.

Antoine Gatt is a professional landscape architect with many years of experience in large and small projects all over the Maltese islands and abroad…..

This seminar has been made possible by the support of Transport Malta.

The seminar is taking place on Wednesday, the 3rd of December, starting at 6.30pm, at the Grand Masters’ Hall, San Anton Palace, Attard

Registration is required for those who wish to attend at

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