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Wirt Ghawdex presented with the Gieh Ghawdex 2014 Award

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Wirt Ghawdex presented with the Gieh Ghawdex 2014 AwardLocal NGO Wirt Ghawdex has been awarded the Gieh Ghawdex 2014 Award, as an acknowledgement of the society’s contribution towards the preservation and conservation of Gozo’s heritage.

The reasons cited for the granting of the medal to Wirt Ghawdex include the numerous restoration projects undertaken by the society including its efforts to save and restore the late medieval chapel of Santa Cecilia and the last surviving Gozo Boat on the island.

During the same ceremony the medal was also conferred posthumously to Mr George Vella who also worked closely with Wirt Ghawdex on various restoration works.

The medal was presented to Mr Franco Masini, President of Wirt Ghawdex. The presentation took place during a ceremony held recently at the premises of Circolo Gozitano in Victoria, in the presence of President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, and many distinguished guests.Wirt Ghawdex presented with the Gieh Ghawdex 2014 AwardThe Circolo Gozitano is a group established in 1913 to develop Gozo’s identity through the organisation of educational, cultural, and artistic activities.

In 2005 the Circolo Gozitano instituted the Gieh Ghawdex Award to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the death of Archpriest Saverio Cassar, 1745-1805, leader hero of the Gozitans.

This award is made every year on Gozo’s national day, to Gozitans and others who have contributed to the national cause of the island of Gozo.

Since 2005, the 28th of October has become to be known as the ‘Jum Ghawdex’ or Gozo Day. This is to commemorate one of the most famous chapters in Gozo’s history . . . the capitulation of the French in Gozo on 28 October 1798 under the leadership of the Gozitan Archpriest Saverio Cassar. The French stay in Gozo only lasted 141 days!

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