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Lawyers statement on spring hunting referendum is “purposely misleading,” says KSU

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Lawyers statement on spring hunting referendum are "purposely misleading," says KSUHunters group Kaccaturi San Ubertu, has said this morning that, “the statements made by a group of lawyers that Spring Hunting referendum would have no bearing on other minorities is purposely misleading.”

KSU President Mark Mifsud Bonnici, in a statement this morning said that “the fact that a minority of 10,000 of the Maltese public that practice spring hunting could see their legal activity banned through the collecting of 40,000 signatures that oppose it is proof enough that any other minority activity could suffer the same fate at the hands of a majority”

He pointed out that “a petition to parliament, private member’s bill or a referendum which might bear the signatures of .a substantial part of the electorate that might oppose any other regulated minority activity, hobby or pastime could lead to it being rescinded.”

Mark Mifsud Bonnici concluded, “by means of an Abrogative referendum, one or more provisions of an enactment may not continue in force. These include “any Act of Parliament and any Act passed by the Legislature of Malta and includes any Code, Ordinance, Proclamation, Order, Rule,Regulation, Bye-law, Notice or other instrument having the force of law in Malta.”

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