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HSBC Malta Foundation to the rescue & rehabilitation of hedgehogs

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HSBC Malta Foundation to the rescue & rehabilitation of hedgehogsThanks to new signs being installed on the roads of Malta and Gozo, motorists will be warned when driving through a hedgehog habitat area. This Nature Trust project is being sponsored by HSBC Malta Foundation and aims to safeguard these tiny mammals. Hedgehogs are an important animal species on the island and are protected by law.

Referred to as the Algerian or North African Hedgehog (Atelerix algirus), they are native to the Maltese Islands and have no real predators. That said however, the number one modern day killer of hedgehogs is the motor car.

At a ceremony in Wied Ghollieqa near the University of Malta, the Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Leo Brincat led a group of environmentalists, as well as officials from HSBC Malta Foundation and Nature Trust Malta, to witness the installation of one of the many road signs that will be placed in and around the identified areas of hedgehog population. A total of 60 signs will be installed in Malta and Gozo.

Minister Brincat said: “I am confident that this campaign will be as successful as our Adopt a Turtle program. The financial support of HSBC Malta Foundation will not only allow Nature Trust to create awareness but will also provide funds for hedgehog rehabilitation plans and ultimately a wild life rehabilitation centre.”

The signs form part of a larger Nature Trust project that includes a hedgehog adoption campaign to fund medical and rehabilitation costs of injured or orphaned hedgehogs. Ultimately rehabilitated hedgehogs are released by Nature Trust back into the wild.

To ensure maximum success of the campaign, staff from HSBC are lending a helping hand to Nature Trust by making use of their ‘Volunteer Leave Day’ initiative.

To rescue a hedgehog, the hotline is 9999 9505. To adopt a hedgehog, information can be obtained at

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    1. james duxbury says:

      my brother-in-law wants to know if he can obtain signs like these from H.S.B.C. in the u.k. to put along his country lane ?

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