Eurobarometer survey: EU citizens very concerned about cybercrime

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Eurobarometer survey: EU citizens very concerned about cybercrimeOn the occasion of Safer Internet Day – a day which promotes safer and more responsible use of online technology – a new Eurobarometer on cyber-security survey has just been published, which shows that Internet users in the EU remain very concerned about cybercrime.

Specifically, 85% of internet users across the EU agree that the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime is increasing (a 9% increase from a similar study in 2013).

In Malta and Gozo, 85% on respondents in the survey felt that the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime is increasing, which is an increase of 16% on a previous survey. 61% of those interviewed use the internet every day, with 54% of them saying that they feel “well informed” about the risks of cybercrime. 27% of respondents are worried about the security of online payments, with 34% worried about someone misusing personal data. 60% have installed anti-virus software because concerns about security issues.

The levels of concern about each specific type of cybercrime (e.g. identity theft; hacking of email/social media account; being a victim of bank card or online banking fraud) are also considerably higher than in 2013.

“Cybercrime undermines consumer confidence in the use of Internet, hampering both our digital economy and our online lives. Our priority is to create a safer Internet for all users by preventing and combating cybercrime in all its forms, to enable users to reap the full benefits of the digital internal market and to exercise their fundamental rights online. We will be taking a renewed look at how we deal with cyber-security in our preparation of the European Agenda on Security,” said Dimitris Avramopoulos, Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship.

In order to combat cybercrime, the EU has implemented legislation and supported operational cooperation, as part of the EU’s ongoing Cyber-security Strategy.

A dedicated European Cybercrime Centre within Europol started its operation in January 2013.

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